Did you know you can reduce your commercial insurance premiums with your EXISTING project & company information?

The answer is in your KNOWN statistics:

  • Workforce Split
  • Scope Analysis
  • Time at Site
  • Equipment & Personnel
  • Safety Culture
  • Contract Structure (this is where the gold is)

Find out if your company info qualifies for a substantial insurance restructure.

Are you ready to grow but you don’t know what might come with it?

Do you have new opportunities that you’re not exploring because of uncertainty?

The solution is not more hours, or waiting for the right time. You need an expert Risk Partner to take control so that you know what you can and can not do, and the costs involved.

The Solution

Step One

Define what you do, specifically review your contacted scopes.

Step Two

Analyse your workforce make-up.
(Blue Collar & White Collar)

Step Three

Indemnities, Waivers, and Limitations in your contracts.


Services to Rail

  • 30% Savings on Workers Compensation
  • Contract Professional Indemnity Requirement Reduced from $10m down to $5m
  • Hire-out Equipment Premium Reduced by 20%
  • Fast Insurance Certificates

Oil & Gas Contractor

  • Covered for Offshore & Onshore
  • Cover extended to mining
  • Professional Indemnity Included
  • 25% Workers Compensation Premium Reduction
  • Cover for Offshore equipment

Defence Services

  • Professional Engagement with Government Defence Office
  • Resolution of Contract Issues
  • Cover for Submarine Risks
  • Cover for Dangerous Goods Exposure

Decommissioning (on & offshore)

  • Insurance for Multi-Contractor Engagement
  • Inclusions of NORM’s Risk Cover
  • Knock for Knock Contract Cover
  • Specialist Operations Included

Public Companies & IPO

  • Directors & Officers Liability Cover from Supportive Insurers
  • Control of Well Drilling & Production Cover, Globally (excluding sanctions)
  • Expert Intervention & Understanding of Office Bearer Activities and Risk
  • A Listening Ear to Guide You in this Changing Risk Environment
Mason Dunn
"I have known David for a long time and he has a reputation as a man who delivers. David's main concern is relationships and his success is consequential to his willingness to go the extra mile. Articulate, confident and knowledgeable- I would have no reservations recommending him."
Richard Miller, Marine Geo Solutions
"David is an enigmatic and highly motivated individual who will always "go the extra mile" to help someone regardless of the situation. His knowledge on the specialist marine insurance requirements is unsurpassed and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking to minimise their risk in the offshore or oil and gas industry."
Shehan Alwis - Planlogic
"I have found David to be very passionate about the risk industry and always looking for new ideas to implement. There’s no doubt that his clients always come first and he is very effective at what he does. He has also proved to be great at networking and a very entertaining public speaker."
Justin Collins – General Insurance Broker
"David has assisted a number of my clients with their specialist Marine Insurance requirements. David's knowledge, research abilities and resources available to him have enabled him to provide generally superior cover for the client."
Kelvin Woodhouse – 3MW
"David recently provided 3WM with excellent industry insurance advice. His knowledge and expertise on the subject provided a clear understanding of the type of insurance policies that should be considered to cover the range of activities that 3WM are involved in. Having an understanding of the above enabled the company to save money, time and effort in regards to selecting appropriate insurance coverage for the company. Thank you David."
Bev Bertocchi, Sbec ROV
"Since David has taken over our insurance requirements we have found that our previous insurers had left us open to loopholes in our cover, which could have amounted to serious losses. We work closely with David on each and every tender that we submit so that we have a watertight cover on each and every job we are on. David has been instrumental in ensuring our international contracts cover us for a plethora of issues that would normally be covered in Australian waters."
Martin Reed, Innov8tion R&D
"David is a very professional operator and was able to restructure the insurance portfolio for my company, including Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. Not only did he do this in a professional, timely and effective manner he has also shown me his ability as a consummate networker. We also saved a lot of money! I take from this that he is keen to see my business succeed and has followed through with positive and helpful action."
Rick Dolstra – Acheron Subsea
"David provided an excellent respose to my enquirees and was able to quickly investigate and provide a tailored solution for my insurance need. I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone requiring insurance, especially in the offshore and oil and gas industries."
Nigel Maund – Westralia Exploration Consultants
"David set up public liability insurance for my consulting company Westralian Exploration Consultants, based in Perth, which he did getting the best product for the best price proving to be very much more ethical than others that this job was tendered out to in te industry. The liability cover was considerable given the nature of the Consultancy and type of clients we were dealing with. Dave was a pleasure to deal with and I would have no hesitation in utilising his services again, and would recommend him on the basis of his integrity and business ethics."
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Have you ever had to place insurance before starting works?

We can show you how to resolve that through standard industry practice (what’s done at the big end and completely available to you)

Growing scope should be automatic cover under your insurance if you are structured right from day one.

Unless you’re radically changing industry, otherwise, there shouldn’t be issues.

Acquisitions can also be automatically included, this includes assets, people and projects.

Again if it’s a radical industry change, then of course that requires further consideration.

Most of our clients always had great opportunities before we came on board – they simply executed them with our support.

We’re here to speed you up.

When we work with you, it’s seamless, nothing new other than actually understanding what you do…

– but that’s the difference, you should try it.

What we’ve found is that our clients who were primed for growth, grow considerably once the we take the insurance handbrakes off.

Maybe that could be you?

If you’re ready to do insurance in a totally new way, we are ready for you, the time is now.

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