Thrisk specialise in insurance and risk solutions that are purpose built, tech-enabled, client-centric, and commercially sophisticated.

Over the years, our business has been through some changes. With the global insurance market facing more complex challenges, the business rebranded as Thrisk in 2023, a full service specialist risk partner servicing all industries and driving the future of insurance.

  • 2007: SH Insurance Managers
  • 2009: RFIB
  • 2012: ToleHouse Risk Services
  • 2023: THRISK

Thrisk Insure provides a holistic approach to ensure our clients’ risk framework aligns to their business agenda and risk appetite. We provide commercial risk advisory for the full business lifecycle, focused on optimising insurance spend, mitigating contractual liability and increasing our clients flexibility to expand scope, jurisdiction, products and acquisitions.

We believe we are one of the leaders in the Parametric advisory space in Australia, providing innovative solutions to the impact of climate change on business with the ability to cover previously uninsurable losses.

Our core industries

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

  • Directors & Officers Liability  
  • Control of Well 
  • Third Party Liability  
  • Contractors Drilling Equipment 
  • All other general insurance needs 

Transaction Risk & Advisory

  • Warranty & Indemnity (to support sharesale, M&A, etc.) 
  • Prospectus Liability 
  • M&A and Investment Managers Professional Indemnity


  • Contractors: Oil & Gas / Rail / Energy / Utilities 
  • Professional Indemnity  
  • Public & Products Liability  
  • Workers Compensation  
  • All other general insurance needs


  • Parametric Insurance  
  • Political Risks  
  • One-off complex placements  
  • Contractual Liability / Contract Compliance Insurance 

The Thrisk difference

  • We partner with our clients to build  personal relationships and deliver a client-centric customer experience 
  • We are experts in our field and provide our clients genuine advocacy
  • We have an in-depth understanding of complex contracts and can therefore deliver expert advice
  • We are a multi-disciplinary team able to draw on our commercial experience in both the insurance industry and the broader business world
  • We have cultivated broad networks in the global insurance market as a result of our close relationships with underwriters and our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry

Strategy & Risk Advice

We guide optimal risk and insurance outcomes by your industry and your insurances.


Contract Review (Risk Perspective)

Contracts often require additional insurances that are not always necessary, we can tailor your insurance to fit.


Technical Claims Expertise

All insurers test the application of exclusions on new claims, we have experience to support the most difficult claims.


An On-Call Supportive Team

Old fashioned personal service goes a long way. We are Australia based, easy to contact and fast to respond.

Why Thrisk


  • We have a proven track record of success in providing bespoke insurance solutions that save significant amounts of money to our clients in high-risk industries.
  • Our in-depth knowledge and experience in services to resources, utilities and energy enable us to identify and address the specific risks that your industry encounters.
  • We recognise that each industry has its own set of insurance challenges and individual requirements.
  • Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your operations and deliver sophisticated solutions that aren’t always available due to limited market access, that mitigate your specific risks.
  • Navigating the complex landscape of workplace compliance can be daunting, but with Thrisk by your side, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in capable hands. Our dedicated professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of regulations governing your industry. We’ll guide you through the compliance process, ensuring that your business meets all the necessary requirements.



  • Thrisk Insurance goes beyond merely providing coverage. We believe in proactive risk management to minimise potential hazards and mitigate losses.
  • Our team will work with you to identify and assess potential risks within your operations, develop tailored risk management strategies, and implement preventive measures to protect your business.
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